About violetsareflowers

I am a BA(Hons) Graphic Information Design student at the University of Westminster.

Design Festival 2010

This was the guide for the design festival 2010.I really loved using this little guide, it was simple and informative and most importantly free! I think things being free is underrated, as I student I want to visit the festival and I want to get the most out of it. The guide is really helpful in doing that, but am I going to pay for it? Like hell I am. Free is beautiful, like this guide.


Gary Bryan

Gary Byran has some really interesting photography. He has recently been featured on the CR Blog, Bryan says there is no CGI involved, just retouching and lighting. Considering this statement, I think it is amazing the effects he has achieved through lighting and retouching. I love the immense perspective he features in many of his pieces and the ethereal quality this creates.

Dot. The world’s smallest stop motion animation.

This is the film of Dot, the world’s smallest stop motion animation character at only 9mm high. It tells the story of Dot woken by the fraying edge of the cloth she is sleeping on, causing her to run through a scene of pin heads crystals and a bee. It’s really charming and clever. It’s utilises lots of different fabric textures and props, and has a theme of nature throughout. It was created as a promotion for the Nokia N8 smart phone, which the animation was photographed on. One of my favourite features of the film, is the title sequence which is a close up of the word Dot written on a typewriter. You can see the texture and quality of the paper it is printed on and this helps set that handmade feel of the animation.

This is the making of dot, also very interesting to watch.

Size Format Stock

I picked this up from someone, and I’m so happy I did! I know it’s completely informative and normal people would look at at and go zzz, but I look at it and see a beauty in the uniformity and banality of the subject. I love how it shows the paper sizes fitting on top of each other, I love the simplistic vector line drawings accompanied by the information. This sums up my design aesthetic. 

Gerd Antz: Pictograms

I got this issue of Monograph through with Creative Review magazine, it’s all about the pictogram work or Gerd Antz. I love the religious symbols and poses on the last image, and the uniformity that links all the images together. I like seeing image number too showing how the block is cut and how it prints out, and the original drawing. You can see how it’s al measured and disciplined to unify all the components of the pictogram. I chose to show the hunter and the rabbit, because I liked how the sequence of the two images changes the meaning. If the rabbit was just there then there would be no urgency and it would have a different meaning. It shows how you can utilise Antz’s simple imagery.