Amnesty International: Death to the death toll.

This film produced by Amnesty international approaches the sensitive subject of the death sentence. Amnesty internationals campaign is to abolish the death penalty in the 58 countries it still remains it. Beautifully shot it shows still figurines in various situations of capital punishment, a firing squad ready to shoot a man, a man being hanged about to have the chair kicked away, a man to be beheaded by a sword and the electric chair. One by one the persecutors in these scenes melt away and the scene pans out to the message “death to the death penalty.” Finally it ends in a single lit candle with a swirl of barbed wire around it, the recognised logo for Amnesty International. It’s a really clever film, speaking of how he actions of one group (or the heat from one candle) can defeat (melt) the various death penalties in these countries still pursuing them.


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