Latitude Group: QV Melbourne wayfinding graphics

I think these wayfinding graphics are really beautiful, and a brilliant example of pragmatic information design.

Also knowing they have been hand-painted makes my appreciate them even more.

Out of all of them I thought this was the least effective as I can’t read the word it says, but you can inherently understand it’s meaning with the use of the arrow.


Good Food by Karen Cantú

I really liked the clean fresh look to this food type and the added bonus of the punctuation. The only criticism I would make of this creative font, is that the letter A doesn’t match the rest of the letter very well as it is so flat in comparison to the relief of the other letters, and the edges look like they’ve been badly edited on photoshop.

5-A-Day Type

I found this example of type made of vegetables and really liked it. It’s based on Times New Roman, so it remains authoritative. It’s visually pleasing and clearly communicates the idea of eating 5 fruit and vegetables a day. It’s also been teamed with NHS established recipes, to make a short recipe book, featuring the font and a novel layout. I also like the layout of the main alphabet, with the enlarged A Z. These two letters instantly communicate it’s an alphabet without and further investigation int the image, and means the rest of the alphabet is groped into neat blocks of 6, with is pleasant on the eye.