http://www.goinggoinggone-red.org/index.htm¬†This is a charity website where you can create your own illustrative print (for a small donation to London’s first children’s hospice Richard House.) There are a selection of different head, bodies and legs available to choose from and you scroll through until you select the combination you like. Then you click I want this one and it transports you to paypal. I think this is a really nice idea, as you are gaining a personalised item out of your charity. The website is really well constructed, which I think fluidity in a website is really important for these organisations; if a website is difficult to use, slow or complex it makes you less likely to complete the activity. It also has the nice feature that all the body parts have a description and a story written about them, personifying the illustrations. The theme of the piece is red.


The King of Limbs Newspaper Album by Stanley Donwood

This is the new album artwork designed by Stanley Donwood, for Radiohead’s new album “King of Limbs.” I really like all the different aspects of this artwork. My favourite being the LSD-esque blotting paper. It’s a really tongue in cheek idea to make something that could be made into drugs, and I think represents the rock and roll industry. The Newspaper is full of really interesting illustrations that are quite dark and ethereal; all linked with the theme of trees- which makes sense with the name of the album. Radioheads previous album “In Rainbows” had a very different design aesthetic, made of heavy cardboard, this feels more freely available and hectic. It feels fast paced, light but not disposible because it is so beautiful; it’s impermanent fragility adds to it’s value.

The Geometry Of Pasta

This is the Geometry of Pasta a book all about pasta perfection. The perfect shape + the perfect sauce = the geometry of pasta. It was masterminded by Caz Hildebrand of Here Design and Lisa Vandy of Now Ware who did the technical drawings. I think it is just beautiful, and I find myself having a great connection to this book as it draws a logical connection between taste and shape. The website for this book is also brilliant. There is an animated recipe, an interactive page of all the different pastas and recipes. In the descriptions of the pasta it gives their dimensions and they are all scaled to the correct size.