Oil and Water Do Not Mix

This is one of a limited series of posters in support of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill; designed by Anthony Burrill from Happiness Brussels. Staff from Happiness Brussels traveled to the site of the oil spill and collected the oily sand to create these posters to raise money for the clean up campaign. It was a really poignant idea to use the actual oil soaked sand from the spill and the message is very apt. It also creates a great texture, it has opened my eyes to new ways of screen printing.


Britvic Redesign

At first glance the new design for britvic’s bottles is very nice, they are contingent and colour appropriate. But I have found a major design flaw in them. In the old design all the lids were colour coordinated with the labels. This is a really useful thing when you are working on a bar and the mixers are on a low shelf, and all you need to do is look at the colour of the lids rather than having to crouch down to the label. Also the diet and regular tonic are so similar you have to spend time reading it to know which is which. On an aesthetic level the same coloured lids are better, but from a pragmatic position the multicoloured lids were useful.