This is a brilliant microsite featured in this seasons eye magazine. It combines music, movement and typography. The basic structure of this website plays a piece of music. Then you have control of the cursor which draw a calligraphy pen line. The thickness of the pen and the speed it moves at is dictated by the speed of the music in the background. As you move through the film, animations spring out of the calligraphy. All the time you can move the cursor and decide what lines to draw. At the end you have the option to email your film to yourself and watch what you created. It’s a basic idea but really effective and a lot of fun to play. The concept of being able to send your film to yourself is also a great idea, and in my opinion makes the microsite. This puts more control in the users hands, and is like getting a gift at the end.


Doritoes Late Night presents professor green in coming to get me

Check this link out below for the 360 version…

This is a really innovative interactive video, giving the user 360 degree control of the film. It has a set path you have to follow through the music video, but you can click and drag the mouse to look at the surroundings. I thought this was a really impressive progression of music video design, it makes the user more involved with the video and makes you feel in the directors chair. The only issue I found with this video is that if you play it on an older computer, the quality of movement was reduced, which reduced the impact of being able to control the camera.